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Serviço de Administração Remota - Warmup


This service package gets on top of your new cluster a very highly qualified technical team to drive your equipment during the most dificult period of its lifespan: The activation. During two months your users and technical team will have at their service a very experienced set of high performance computing professionals. Versatus' team will ensure that your time to compute is reduced to its minimun, geting all initial configurations done for you. That includes user accounts, workload manager(queue system), environment modules and scientific applications. Additionaly, your users will have a private support channel for them to clear all their doubts while they get used with the use and operation of the new system.



  • Setup up to 30 user accounts;
  • Forward login credentials through email to up to 30 users;
  • Install, configure and validate tailored queueing schema;
  • Installation of a comprehensive set of math libraries;
  • Installation of up to 15 Scientific Applications;



  • Any installation, tunning or configuration for parallel filesystems;
  • Any configuration, tunning or configuration for redundant systems;
  • Any lectures, classes or tutorials for users or administrators
  • One time use package / Does not include travel expenses